8 Classy Women’s Shoes For Your Shoe Collection

8 Classy Women’s Shoes For Your Shoe Collection

These eight women’s shoes deserve a place in your wardrobe.

1. Italian Leather Tourist Heel

Open shoes with a flattering heel height of several inches. You'll sink into high density foam cushion, while the toe strap and gore molds to the exact shape of your feet. The topper is the virgin Italian leather that gives the women's shoes that look of luxury.

2. Italian Leather Chelsea Boot

Casual and functional are combined in this ultra classy Italian Leather Chelsea Boot. Cushioned insoles provide comfort, while a rubber outsole makes the shoes surprisingly durable and able to take a punishment. The leather material is silver-rated, which means it's soft and great for all-day wearing.

3. ReLeather Tennis Shoe

Old school meets new technology with the ReLeather Shoe. You get the lace up design, a low ankle height and contrast rubber outsole for extra toughness. The kicker is easily the ReLeather material, which is made from recycled components for zero carbon footprint.

4. The Mary Jane

Turn heads with this gorgeous women's flats. The highlight of the women's shoes is the plush velvet that conforms to your foot. Adjustable closure and cushioned insole both make it easy to affix your feet and allow you to walk around completing your daily tasks.

5. High Ankle Glove Boot in ReKnit

One look at these pair of shoes will be enough to make you go 'wow'. Designed to provide a customized fit, it's a flattering boot that's made from renewed plastic bottles in polyester form. The ReKnit fabric is truly a must-experience, and it's stylish enough that it goes with virtually any outfit.

6. Court Sneaker

It's simple and yet comprised of premium, high quality shoe materials. The Court Sneaker is versatile in that it works day or night depending on what look you're going for. The material is 100 percent full grain leather from tannery Saigon TanTec.

7. Forever Slip-On Sneaker

A certified best-seller, make sure to jump on the bandwagon and acquire this women's shoes for your collection. It's timeless, comfortable and very easy to put on. Natural rubber outsole and organic cotton, it's machine washable and allows you to wear it virtually every day if you want.

8. Italian Leather Day Heel

As the name suggests, this women's shoes is designed to impress while giving you enough comfort and space to walk around as you please. An elasticized back prevents chafing, and the 2-inch block heel is unbelievably supportive.