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9 Skirts to Define Your Style and Mood

9 Skirts to Define Your Style and Mood

Skirts! Whether mini, midi or maxi they tell the world your current mood from flirty to all-business and they show off your sense of style. These 9 Skirts are sure to help you tell the world who you are and how you feel…

1. BrickBlack Pleated Mini Skirt

This BrickBlack Pleated Mini Skirt has box pleats under a high waist to give added flare and the wide faux leather belt accentuates your waist line beautifully. The invisible side zip ensures a snug fit and this look just carries on being a classic style statement.

2. Sosana - Low Waist Pocket A-Line Mini Cargo Skirt

* Classic A lines meet practicality with the Low Waist Pocket Mini Cargo Skirt from Sosana. Designed to sit low on the waist with an adjustable belt giving added definition, the tied down cargo pockets accentuate its functionality, style and give it a truly unique look.

3. BrickBlack - High-Waist Denim Mini Pencil Skirt

* Denim, it never goes out of style. This high waist Denim Mini Pencil Skirt from BrickBlack is perfect for every casual occasion, and brings a retro aesthetic to today's fashion with its thick, button down belt loops, micro-mini length and large pockets. It hints at upcycling while being very much in the moment.

4.Mikiko - Tiered A-Line Midi Skirt

* For those times when you want to present a more relaxed look the Tiered A-Line Midi Skirt from Mikiko is the perfect choice. Each tier is shirred and the waist band elasticated to provide a comfortable free-size fit and an elegant flow as you walk. Simplistic style at its best.

5. Pickxy - Denim Midi Skirt

* Pickxy offer the best of both worlds with their Denim Midi Skirt, that offers a comfortable length paired with a daring side slit. The rough hem and the front and rear pockets make it a practical and invaluable style statement for when you want to combine fun with chic styling.

6. Meatacci - Ribbon Midi A-Line Skirt

* Perfect for the office and any semi-formal social event, Meatacci's Ribbon Midi A-Line Skirt , available in 3 classic colors, adds a unique class and style to a traditional look. With practical pockets, a gorgeous mid-calf flare and a beautiful ribbon tie at the rear, this skirt is business with a whole lot of elegance.

7. Puffie - Plain High Waist Maxi Skirt

* Cover up with this maxi skirt with a twist. The Plain High Waist Maxi Skirt from Puffie brings cargo pants functionality to maxi skirt fashion. The drawstring ruched details at the hem and the rear slit offer ease of walking and the cargo pockets give definition to the hips for comfort with style.

8.Dute - Plain Pleated Midi A-Line Skirt

* More midi style with the Plain Pleated Midi A-Line Skirt from Dute which offers simple elegance in three subtle colors. Designed to be worn high on the waist and flowing through the beautiful pleats this is a comfortable and stylish look that will never go out of fashion.

9. Dreamkura - Asymmetrical Midi A-Line Mesh Skirt

* Dreamkura's Asymmetrical Midi A-Line Mesh Skirt offers you the chance to stamp your own style on both fun and formal occasions. Available in Off White or Black this free-size skirt has a built in slip underneath flowing mesh layers that you can present any way that you like.