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How To Walk On A Catwalk

How To Walk On A Catwalk

Walking a catwalk like a professional model is not as straightforward as it sounds, as it requires a lot of preparation and practice. But you can start by having basic guidelines to put into practice and improve every day more, so everything will be easier.

Learn to walk on the catwalk for a model, is essential so if you want to dedicate yourself to the world of modeling, in addition to that from another point of view, these tips will be useful in other aspects of your life.

Keys to knowing how to walk on the catwalk:

1. Posture

The posture speaks for itself, and stopping walking as a model is important that you have a good posture, try to bring your shoulders back, with your pelvis forward lightly, and always with your back straight but not tense. There are times that the models on the catwalk lower their shoulders a little to highlight the neck more and thus have more movements in their arms.

2. Have a firm step

Try to walk with a firm step, always maintaining the posture at all times and with equal steps, which are not seen to be longer than others. Also, each step must be done with the same intensity and good attitude.

3. Stare

The head should always be elevated, straight, and looking straight ahead. Ideally, your gaze is fixed on a specific point in front of you. But try to make it an object and not a person. Walk firmly with a fixed gaze, with a lot of confidence and security in yourself, this is very important also that everyone perceives that.

4. Hands and arms

On many occasions, you may not know what to do with your hands when you do not have anything in them. When walking on the catwalk you should have your hands relaxed, you can shake them before starting to model, do not put your fingers together and try to hang your arms at the sides and not move as much as the body moves, they should only be balanced delicately.